We’ve partnered up with Molenkoning HorseWalkers and Equipment and now offer the widest range of Equestrian Training, Horse Exercisers, Rehabilitation and Comfort Products in the UK & Irish Market.

Horse Walker with Horse & Owner

Horse Walkers

Explore our wide range of Horse Walkers and find out why they are the ultimate addition to any equestrian yard!

Horse Solarium

Horse Solarium

Your horses are athletes, and athletes need to be in optimal condition but are also are likely to endure injuries! At the forefront of therapeutic heat treatment our Horse Solariums can play a vital role in rehabilitation.

Horsepower plate

Horsepower Plate

A reasonably new addition to the Equine Industry, vibrating plates are already proving to be a very useful and beneficial therapy in rehabilitation and the well-being of horses.


Molenkoning Horse Walkers are the ultimate addition to liveries and equine yards. Molenkoning Horse Walkers include safe adjustable divider pusher gates completely pre-wired. A strong 0.75Kw electric engine, 3 V-belts for extra traction belt drive and a CE inspected control box ensure that your horse walker is maintenance-free and in any case,we offer 2-year guarantee. We produce regularly and continuously round horse walkers of 10, 12, 15, 16, 18 and 20 meters but larger diameter models are also available on request.

Why choose Molenkoning?

  • Easy to operate
  • Safe for your horses
  • Unbeatable value for money
  • First class service
  • High quality craftmanship & materials
  • High return on investment
  • Range of sizes & designs
Horse Walker with Horse & Owner



  • General Benefits
  • Excellent for warming up before riding and cooling down afterwards
  • Exercise multiple horses at the same time.
  • Free moving exercise (no lunging on lounge line).
  • Improves the equine condition and stamina.
  • Rehabilitation of injured horses.


  • Character: focused tempo training, whereby horses sometimes are pushed to their limits.
  • Quality of the legs: short and intense stimulation (interval training) improves the bone tissue.
  • Coordination: varying movements by applying different speeds.
  • Suppleness: less stiffness.
  • Reflexes: great improvement thus considerably less risk of injury.


  • Fewer health problems.
  • Significantly fewer leg and hoof problems.
  • Better muscle development, especially the back muscles.
  • Improved suppleness and reflexes.
  • Significantly fewer injuries.
  • Less risk of ataxic defects (free walk).
  • 60% less risk of osteochondrosis dissecans.
  • Less risk of arthritis.
  • Reduced risk of Colic.


The Molenkoning Solarium is dedicated to improving the well-being of a horse, focusing on the development of its physical, emotional, and physiological state.

Horse Solarium

Why use a Molenkoning Horse Solarium?

  • Promotion of full relaxation and recovery after training
  • Faster drying process which reduces the falling ill
  • Improves elasticity of the muscles. It is highly recommended as a “warm up” before training or a competition.
  • Better physical and psychological condition
  • Strengthened immune system
  • Healthy, shiny coat
  • Improved skin condition
  • Less muscular pain in the saddle area
  • Relief from sore or tender backs
  • Increased blood and oxygen supply

The infrared lights in our horse solariums are proven to improve circulation, helping the rapid absorption of sugar by the muscles and the quick disposal of lactic acid; as a result the performance of the horse is vastly improved.

Our solariums feature 15 or 20 infrared lamps. Each lighting segment is furnished with 5 lamps and a ventilator. The infra-red lamps are not damaged by the damp environment generated from the horse, due to the open construction of the system. Fresh air is drawn through the back of the solarium and is passed through the lamp conduits thus creating a dual function; cooling the lamps whilst drying the horse quickly.



Explored and developed widely as a beneficial addition to human exercising and health regimes, the transition of whole-body vibrations into the equestrian industry is reasonably new but has already been proven to assist with rehabilitation and the well being of horses.

Horsepower plate

How does our horsepower plate work?

Typically running between 15Hz to 60Hz and created by motors underneath the platform the vibrations flow through the feet to reach the whole body, triggering a natural reaction within the muscles, which involuntarily contract and relax 30 to 50 times per second, depending on the frequency the machine is set at. Due to this stretch-reflex contraction, more muscle fibres are used than in a conscious, voluntary movement. The repetitive action tires out the muscle and as it recovers it strengthens to withstand the increased effort. WBV stimulates blood circulation through the entire body. The increased blood flow improves oxygenation of the tissues. This helps with the removal of toxins and metabolic waste thus enhancing the body’s ability to heal itself.

What is a horsepower plate?

Whole Body Vibrations (WBV) can also be referred to as vibration training, vibration therapy, biomechanical stimulation (BMS) or biomechanical oscillation (BMO). It is a training method employing low amplitude, low-frequency mechanical stimulation to exercise musculoskeletal structures for the improvement of muscle strength, power, and flexibility.

horsepower plate, rehabilitation vibrating plate


  • Improved blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.
  • Improved musculoskeletal and soft tissue healing times.
  • Increased rate of hoof growth.
  • Increased bone density.
  • Greater joint mobility and flexibility.
  • Increased muscle strength and toning.
  • Pre-exercise warms up.
  • Post-exercise warm down.
  • Ideal for horses on box rest or reduced exercise.
  • Long Slow Distance work (LSD).
  • Conditioning and maintaining fitness levels.
  • Can easily be integrated into a daily routine