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The EHV Outbreak: Are you clued up?

EHV Outbreak, Equine Herpesvirus Outbreak

With horses being put down after reactors in Hampshire, the Equine Herpesvirus, EHV-1 outbreak is causing show centres closures and lockdowns. With the growing seriousness of this EHV outbreak and the continued monitoring of it on a daily basis, are you clued up? Understanding what EHV is, how it spreads and how to protect against …

Converting Outbuildings into Stables: Financial Gain for Agricultural Building Owners?

Converting Outbuildings into Stables

Have you got unused agricultural building spaces such as barns or outbuildings? Fancy an extra form of income which offers a high return on investment? Converting outbuildings into stables with Internal Stabling maybe the perfect thing for you! With a growing need to diversify in agriculture, livery yards have become a popular way of not …

5 Horse Care Tips & Tricks For Winter

Horse care

The winter months are always challenging for us as horse owners.Check out these top horse care tips that will make yours and your horses’ life a lot easier this winter! These horse care tips will answer your questions about basic horse care: food, shelter, costs, necessary equipment. 1) Provide adequate calories In the case of …