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The EHV Outbreak: Are you clued up?

EHV Outbreak, Equine Herpesvirus Outbreak

With horses being put down after reactors in Hampshire, the Equine Herpesvirus, EHV-1 outbreak is causing show centres closures and lockdowns. With the growing seriousness of this EHV outbreak and the continued monitoring of it on a daily basis, are you clued up? Understanding what EHV is, how it spreads and how to protect against …

What Are The Advantages Of Horse Walkers?

Advantages Of Horse Walkers

IMPROVES AND MAINTAINS YOUR HORSES OPTIMAL HEALTH… The advantages of horse walkers are numerous. In this post we aim to summarised them starting with the advantages for you horse: Back: better development of the back muscles Muscles: keeps muscle cells healthier by better blood saturation and slows down ageing. Brain: increases blood saturation, resulting in …

5 Horse Care Tips & Tricks For Winter

Horse care

The winter months are always challenging for us as horse owners.Check out these top horse care tips that will make yours and your horses’ life a lot easier this winter! These horse care tips will answer your questions about basic horse care: food, shelter, costs, necessary equipment. 1) Provide adequate calories In the case of …