American Barn Stables for Your Equestrian Yard

American Barn Stable - External Front View

American barns are the ultimate in luxury for any equestrian yard. This type of building lends itself to larger projects. However, our American Barns can be used for smaller schemes. Just ask us for details and we can map the design to your specifications.

We have a number of designs to choose from, including the Laminate and Manoir.

American Barns have large doors which are ideal for use with larger vehicles. They also create a large and airy space.

Take a look at one of our American Barn layouts, this shows an exploded view so you can see the layout of the internal stables.

The “New Evolution” American Barn Style

The photos below show 3 Stables 3500x3500 in size and a 4000mm covered passageway at the rear which is ideal to store items secure.

internal stable view internal stable doors external barn view barn door open side view of barn end view of barn full view of american barn
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Finance for Stables