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American Barns are large timber built barns housing everything required to stable horses under one roof. Arranged around a well ventilated airy central alley, American barns traditionally include stabling, a tack room, storage for hay and feed, along with areas for grooming in all weathers.

Our American Barns offer the ultimate in luxury for any equestrian yard. They lend themselves to to larger projects, however, can be customise and used for smaller schemes. Just ask us for details and we can map the design to your specifications. We have 3 designs of barns to choose from – Laminate, Metallic and Manoir. We offer a full design, supply and build service and are happy to work with your local contractors.

American Barns have large doors which are ideal for use with larger vehicles. They also create a large and airy space.

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We offer the best American Barns for your equestrian requirements, coupled with our range of flexible internal stabling we are confident that you will be able to house your horses and equipment in comfort for many years.

Our barns come in a modular format and can be installed to any size. Large stable doors can be installed at both ends to creates a cool breeze when needed in the summer months and keep everything dry during the winter.

For more information please get in touch with us – we have many years experience of designing, supplying and installing barns of all sizes and styles.

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