Stable Accessories including Tack Boxes and Jump Poles

There are a number of stable accessories we offer at Cheval Liberté. These little finishing touches can add a touch of finesse to any stable or yard. We have door furniture such as blanket rails and grills in a variety of styles.

Post finials can also be purchased to add glamour. We have horses' heads in a number of finishes and spheres.

We can also advise you on hay racks, feeding buckets and clock towers.

We have products from ALFAKO and JUMP – both offer credible merchandise.

Alfako Range

Tack Boxes, Windows, Jumps, Blanket Racks, Solarium, Paddock Roller, Training Carousel.
A range of strong, lockable metal tack lockers.

The compact MINI Tack Pack makes maximum use of the available space right down to the floor and with hidden wheels for easy handling.

Picture of the Mini Tack Pack closed Picture of the Mini Tack Pack open

more equipment in the Alfrako range...

Jump Range

Jump Poles

Picture - Jump Poles

Reference Length Diameter
32L3D8 3m 8cm
32L3D8A* 3m 8cm
32L3D9 3m 9cm
32L3D9A* 3m 9cm
32L3D10 3m 10cm
32L3D10A* 3m 10cm
32L4D8 4m 8cm
32L4D8A* 4m 8cm
32L4D9 4m 9cm
32L4D9A* 4m 9cm
32L4D10 4m 10cm
32L4D10A* 4m 10cm
* Tanalised    

more equipment in the Jump Range...

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