American Barn - Laminate

(with Steel/Timber-clad Framework)

Picture of barn showing sliding doors and clock tower

Horse barns or American barns as they often called are a convenient solution for providing accommodation for your horses. The Cheval Liberté 'Laminate' barn is a modular design enabling you to have an unlimited number of bays, each comprising two stalls. The barns are supplied with large, double sliding doors. The galvanized steel framework on this model is clad in timber to give the appearance of the building being an all-wood construction.

American barn with laminated frame

Interior of American Barn - Laminate

American barn with laminated frame and optional clock tower

Barn Type 50 - Tanalised pine, 40mm thick
Barn Type 70 - Tanalised pine, 65mm thick

  • Exterior solid wood horizontal boards, planed, grooved, tanalised pine
  • Posts - galvanized steel, clad with timber

Standard Internal Installation

  • Stalls: 3.0 x 3.0 metres with sliding door, type 50 frontages
  • Partitions: the choice of timber panels top and bottom or timber at bottom and vertical bars at top
  • Covered central alley: 3.0 metres wide
  • Framework: galvanized steel, clad with timber
  • Roof: grey or coloured fibro cement with translucent roof panels, one per bay on both sides
  • Doors: double sliding doors to front and rear


  • Stalls at 3.5 x 3.5 metres
  • 'Prestige' interior installation
  • Exterior shutters
  • Clock tower (included for installations of 6 stalls or more)
  • Isolating Roof 100mm (for insulation)
  • Roof Insulation - Rockwool 100 + 'agglomerate' 19mm Damp proof, or Rockwool 100 + 'agglomerate' 19mm (Rockwool installations include 2 translucent panels in each stall)

Delivery and assembly

    • Dependent upon the specification. Please contact us for a free quotation

Picture of barn interior with Prestige frontage


Plan section showing barn interior showing thirty stalls
Plan section showing barn interior with ten stalls

Configuration Examples

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