About Cheval Liberte

Manoir American BarnCheval Liberté was established in France in 1995 to produce stalls, stables and stable equipment. The founders were and continue to be driven by their passion for horses, being both riders and breeders.

This passionate interest in horses developed a knowledge and awareness of the needs of the horses and their owners, riders and trainers whether they be amateurs or professionals.

The Cheval Liberté product range has been developed with the close cooperation of engineers who are concerned above everything else with the comfort and security of your horses. The safety, functionality, robustness and aesthetics are all given serious consideration in the design and construction processes of all our products, from the smallest shelter to the most sophisticated trailer.

Cheval Liberté (UK) Ltd was set up in 2005 as sole importers of Cheval Liberté products for distribution throughout the UK and Ireland.

The "savoir-faire" of Cheval Liberté

  • Competent engineering and design departments
  • Functional, well-designed and constructed products
  • At the forefront of innovation
  • Flexibility in design and production
  • High-demand products are always in stock
  • We strive to give our customers accurate delivery dates
  • A dedicated sales team to provide advice and assistance
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